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Oil cleaning filter system

Oil cleaner

Our oil cleaner filters oil in the hydraulic system of your die-casting machine to help maintain the quality of the hydraulic fluid. This reduces wear on pumps and hydraulic components and can minimize costly unplanned downtimes.

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Key benefits

Lower service and maintenance costs

Constant fluid cleaning and dirt absorption leads to longer change intervals for your fluid, and reduced expenditure on spare and wear parts.

Downtime reduction

Clean oil in the system reduces wear on pumps, valves and hydraulic components, minimizing unscheduled downtimes and improving overall OEE.

Better performance, longer lifetime

Continuous filtration reduces friction in your pumps, valves and hydraulic components to deliver better performance and a longer lifetime for your hydraulic components.

Highlight features


High volume and dirt absorption

Each oil cleaner filter is effective for 2 to 4 kilograms of metal particles and elements, removing particles down to 3 micrometers and maintaining essential water-glycol quality, 24/7.


Reduces carbon footprint

Extending the intervals between oil changes has a positive impact on sustainability. Your oil cleaner will also help to reduce consumption of energy and raw materials, bringing down your overall carbon footprint.

Ease of use

Suitable for most machines

Compatible with all our die-casting systems, installation of the oil cleaner is straightforward, and can be carried out by your own technicians or local engineers.

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