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High-performance bead mill

MicroMedia Invicta 3

The MicroMedia Invicta provides the next step change in bead mill technology with innovative processing unit design and a new bead separation system bringing you remarkable wet grinding benefits.

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Key benefits

25% higher efficiency

The MicroMedia Invicta delivers the same high quality output using 25% less energy compared with the best available alternatives. And it achieves this from the same compact footprint in your manufacturing plant.

50% higher productivity

A smart new processing unit design combines with improved bead separation technology to bring you up to 50% increase in productivity. Imagine how that could transform your production output.

100% higher flow rate capability

The new bead separation system significantly reduces blockages and pressure build-up. This allows recirculation to be driven faster, speeding up overall flow rates by an average of 100%.

The next step change in bead mill technology

New processing unit design

State-of-the art processing unit technology

Years of research and development combined with customer experience gathered from thousands of different wet grinding applications around the world resulted in a new geometric design within the processing unit. Invicta now delivers MicroMedia’s high quality, using significantly less energy. And although the chamber is slightly longer, it still fits the same footprint on your factory floor.

Reliable process

New bead separation system

The remodeled bead separation system and a new screen design reduce blockages and speed up flow rates. As well as helping you to achieve your target particle size faster, this also provides improved process safety, with greater reliability.

Ready for the future

Digital control and IoT capability

The MicroMedia Invicta’s integrated digital control gives you all the operational flexibility you need for quality production. You can choose any level of process automation, from a convenient entry-level solution with manual operation, to a fully integrated plant control system. Our SmartPro solution opens up new possibilities for process digitalization.

Built on success

Incorporating MicroMedia’s proven excellence

The Invicta retains the exceptional operational benefits that has made MicroMedia the industry benchmark for operational excellence. This includes easy configuration to help you to meet local regulations and tailor your wet grinding process; simple handling – with an easy-to-use lifting device; and intuitive operation through an operator-friendly integrated control panel and tailored start ramps.

Designed for your application

Performance benefits across the board

The MicroMedia Invicta delivers efficiency benefits across a wide range of applications, from liquid packaging inks, inkjet and digital inks, to automotive coatings and many more.

Upgrade opportunities

Retrofit option for existing customers

The MicroMedia Invicta has been designed within the existing MicroMedia and MicroMedia+ framework, giving you the option to upgrade without having to replace your entire system.

Using MicroMedia Invicta together with MacroMedia pre-grinding provides the perfect combination of efficiency, speed and quality for a wide range of applications. Your new MicroMedia Invicta machine will work seamlessly with any existing integrated MacroMedia system.

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